AdvancedSockets is a C# library which contains easy-to-use classes for setting up your own http, socket or websocket server and client.


Arqan is an OpenGL library I wrote a long time ago. It basically pInvokes all OpenGL functions from c++ and converts it to a C# method. Both a Linux and Windows version is available as well as bindings to the popular GLFW library.


Arqanore is a 2D desktop game framework built on top of Arqan, hence the name is an extension. A few more classes have been provided prior to Arqan. This includes a class for a gamewindow, sprites, fonts, rendering, math, some utils and what not.


ArqanoreJS is the WebGL version of Arqanore, although because of the key differences between OpenGL and WebGL and C# and JavaScript it is not 100% the same. Arqanore for example uses my bindings, Arqan, to create a game window while ArqanoreJS uses a HTML5 canvas to do that. But both frameworks uses similar names and concepts.