Arqanore is an 2D and 3D OpenGL game library written in c++ that aims at Linux gaming and Steam OS. This project is still a work in progress, but it already works on Windows, Linux Mint/Ubuntu desktop and Steamdeck.


JArqanore is a Java port for Arqanore. I used JNI to form a bridge between c++ and Java in the form a wrapper library.


Arqanite is a game framework built on top of JArqanore. It combines the functionality provided in multiple useful classes that makes creating games a whole lot easier. Also, since JArqanore is a raw port of Arqanore, it helps you with automatic resource management too.



For automating builds and deployments I maintain a personal TeamCity server. This one runs at home and is used on daily basis to make my work easier.



AdvancedSockets is a C# library I created long time ago because I was in need of a solid websocket and http server that is not attached to in any way. Later on I added an API client class, classes for http server and clients. But I stopped working on it because it was requiring too much maintenance at a point where I wanted to focus on other projects.


Built on top of AdvancedSockets. Started out as a toy project, but it ended up to become something more serious and of better quality than I anticipated.


A long time ago I started with a Tiled parser for C# because the existing alternatives were either broken or outdated. Once the library got stable I decided to go public with it and share it with an audience. And as of today TiledCS is one of the most popular Tiled parser libraries. Mostly used in combination with MonoGame or other .NET game frameworks and tools.